We offer professional Video Editing and Videotape Transfer to DVD services.

We can convert or transfer almost every type of videotape to modern formats such as DVD, Blu-Ray or HQ digital video computer files that you can share online with friends and family or edit with your computer.

Preserve your old photos, negatives and slides by having Austin Video Solutions scan them into Lossless HQ digital image files (Jpeg,Tiff, PNG etc..) We can store your new scans in the cloud giving you online access to your photos or we can transfer them onto a flash drive for you.

Our video editing staff is fully equipped to handle any size project. Whether you are looking for someone to create a Montage Video, Highlight Reel, Best Of video or a speciality slide-show video made from your old photographs and video-tapes. We can help!

Super fast turnaround for memorial, anniversary and birthday’s videos.

 Most small jobs are completely ready for pick up in 1-2 business days.

Fast and friendly service and crystal clear and quick videotape to DVD transfers!

Austin Video Solutions is a home-based business.  All work is done by appointment only.

11001 S. 1st Austin, Texas 78748 apt #1132  Landline: 512-518-3188

Austin Video Solutions August Specials

Basic VHS to DVD Transfer $8.99 Each








Videotape to Hard Drive $10.99 Each (normally $15.99)








Videotape to DVD Transfers

Transfer all of your home video-tapes to DVD affordably.   We offer 3 different levels of videotape to DVD transfers.

Our basic transfer to DVD starts at $9.99 per tape.  Whether you are simply looking to archive your videotapes to a modern format or are looking for something more personalized we can help.

Explainer video for website

We can create a fun animated cartoon styled explainer video that will introduce and explain your business in a fun and attention grabbing way!

We also have connections to many free-lance voice-over actors that you can hire to read your script professionally!

Feel free and email us with any questions.

Videotape transfer to cloud storage.

We will convert all your video-tapes to digital video files and put them in the cloud for super fast access and share-ability !

Share your video files with your family and friends with just a click of the mouse! 1 year downloadable and streamable access.


Convert your videotapes to digital files.

Preserve all your home videotapes to HQ digital video files. Now you will be able to watch and share your home videos on all your smart devices in HD.

Edit, archive and share your videos with family and friends!


Video Editing Services

Are you looking for a video editor? Look no further, we can help you edit and assemble your next video project!

Whether you are looking to put a montage video together for a special occasion.  Or need someone to cut your full length feature we can help!

Full post production services available i.e. graphics, 3D text overlays, lower thirds, animations, voice overs etc…

Photo Services

We can scan all your photographs, slides, positive film and negatives in any format you need.  i.e. Jpg, Tiff, PNG etc..

Files can be stored on your thumb drive, burned on a Data DVD or uploaded to the cloud so you can download and share with family and friends.

We offer photo restoration, photo to vector and slide-show video presentation creation services.

Feel free and make an appointment today to begin digitizing and archiving your old prints!


Professional Video Editing

Whether you are looking to remove unwanted footage from a master video source, create a flow, add effects, graphics or music, alter the style, pace or mood of your pre-existing video. We can help!

Videotape to DVD Transfers

If you are looking to be able watch and save all your old family movies which are stuck on an obsolete format such as VHS tapes or MiniDV’s.  We can help by transferring the video content to your choice of DVD, Computer files or to the Cloud for easy access!

Photo Scanning and Slideshow Creation

Austin Video Solutions can scan your slides, negatives and old photos then turn them into a very special video animated slideshow.You will have the option of adding video and music to the mix to jazz things up. Make an appointment today!

Videotape Transfer to Digital Files

Convert your video-tapes to HQ Digital Video Files. All your files will be carefully categorized and stored on external hard-drive for easy accessibility.
Many file formats available: Apple ProRes 422 .DV .MOV .MPG .MPEG .AVI .Mp4 Etc…

Premium Videotape to Digital Files

Your videotapes will be converted into full resolution digital video files that you can play/edit on your computer. You will have your digital video files stored on an external hard-drive along with in the cloud where you can download/share them for instant access!
Formats: Apple ProRes 422 .dv .mov .mpg .mpeg2 .mp4
Files will be available for download for 1 year.

Video Transfer to Cloud Server

Your videotapes will be converted into a web friendly format and available to download or stream online. Have downloadable/streamable access to your home video digital files online that you can share with family and friends. Videos will be available on our server for 1 year.  We can even upload your videos for you to your own cloud storage account.

Videotape to DVD Transfers

3 Options available! Choose which transfer suits your needs.
Make an Appointment to drop off your tapesReviews

1) Basic Transfer To DVD

$9.99 Per tape (that can be up to 2 hours in length). Every 2 Hours of footage gets a fresh DVD to keep video quality high! 

  • The basic transfer is for those who are looking to digitize their old family movies and do not require anything more than bare bones transfer.  
  • The DVD will simply auto play in your DVD player and have chapter breaks every 5-10 minutes.
  • We understand that not all customers want to add advanced features to their home video transfers. That’s why we offer the basic transfer.
  • Straight Transfer allows our customers to receive a High-Quality capture and transfer to Digital/DVD without breaking the bank.

All formats of video cassette tapes: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, miniDV included.


2) Beyond Basic Transfer

$14.99 per tape (up to 2 Hours of footage).
Like the Basic “Any Tape” Transfer however each DVD will have a basic scene selection and an internal menu.

  • You will be able to advance the playback of the DVD in five minute increments by hitting the “skip” button or access the scene selection by hitting the “menu” button.  
  • The menu will have a still image captured and displaying the event of that particular chapter in your feature.
  • This makes locating your favorite moments on the DVD much more specific and creates a more interactive viewing experience.
  • Video is captured in DV format instead of mpeg2 maximizing the potential quality.
  • The digital video is color corrected and audio is analyzed and fixed of any abnormalities before being written to DVD.  

 All formats of video cassette tapes: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, miniDV included



3) Way Beyond Basic Transfer

$45.99 per tape on up (that can be 2 Hours in length).

Also known as Authored DVD’s, this package includes completely customized multi-layer menus with intro animations and scene selections.

  • Each chapter will be viewable from a menu page in a little animated box, bubble or square.
  • You have the option to place family photos as the backdrop for the main menu and chapter menu’s.
  • Also music can be added to the menu. 
  • This is our premium DVD Transfer.  Our Way Beyond Basic Transfer makes the perfect gift for anniversary’s, birthdays and all special occasions.


 All formats of video cassette tapes: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, miniDV included.

Work with a video editor from home!

Work online with a video editor on your next video project.

Simply upload your footage and instructions to us once done we will give you online access to your finished product.



Austin Video Solutions offers video editing and videotape transfer to DVD services to all of Austin. 

We offer professional video editing services, photo scanning,videotape conversions to digital computer files and so much more.

Super fast and friendly quick turnaround!

Make an Online Appointment

Whether you need a video created for your website, need a tastefully made memorial video, slideshow created or you are looking to preserve your old videotapes and need them converted (transcoded) into a modern format such as a DVD or digital video files for your computer.

Austin Video Solutions is here to help you with all your video-editing, VHS to DVD and post production needs!

To book an appointment or to check availability simply click the book now link above.

We are a home based studio located in South Austin.

We offer excellent work for a for a fraction of the price.

Your satisfaction is our absolute priority!


Convert your videotapes to digital files or DVD.

We can convert your videotapes to digital video files. Going digital is great for archival purposes. Also you will be able to edit your home videos on your PC or MAC.

Professional Video Editing Services.

Save time and avoid traffic! Work with us from home or from your office. Simply upload the footage you need edited and we can work together online.

Turn your photos into custom slideshow video services.

We can scan your old slides, negatives and old photos to digital.  Then turn those photos into a very special slideshow that is perfect for birthday gifts, wedding present or memorial videos.

Video and Photo Restoration Experts

Analyze your grainy, over or under exposed, jerky or shaky camera footage to enhance or improve upon overall image quality.

We offer affordable video editing, videotape to digital computer files stored on your hard-drive or
 videotape to DVD transfers and conversion services to Austin, Texas.

  • We have been transferring VHS to DVD and converting VHS to digital for over a decade now. However Austin Video Solutions is much more than just a VHS to DVD service. 

We are a full service video editing studio that can handle all your post production needs.


We can help you preserve your old photos, slides and negatives by scanning them into HQ uncompressed lossless digital files.  

  • We will color correct and if requested we can restore any defects that may have occurred to your original photographs.


Do you need a thoughtful Memorial video’s made for a close friend or family member who has recently passed on?

  • We will work with you to make something very special. (our memorial video service get pushed first in line. no wait.)
  • Whether your looking for an experienced editor or looking for someone to archive, preserve and transport your family home videotapes or photographs to disc or an external hard-drive Austin Video Solutions can help.

Don’t have time to make an appointment? Mail in your videotapes to us to save some time.

  • Feel free and contact us if you prefer to mail in your videotapes for instructions.  We accept packages from USPS, UPS and FedEX.


Video editing, custom slide-show creation and promo video services

Austin Video Solutions can assemble and edit wedding and birthday videos. Memorials, graduations, highlight videos, commercials, short films, documentaries, music videos. We can color correct, add color grades (to give it that film look), reduce shaky video and so much more!

Don’t let your family treasures fade away!

Digitize your old media to a modern format

Digitize and transfer your family treasures to a modern format, saving them for generations to come.

We are also equipped to help you preserve your old videotapes for generations to come.

We can digitize your home videotapes to either DVD or to digital video files that can be played and edited on your computer.

All you need to do is gather up all the tapes lying around your home and bring them to us. We will handle the rest!

Make an Online Appointment

Explainer video creation for small business and websites.

Explainer Videos are an effective way to educate your potential customers about your product or service. Increase conversions with an animated explainer video digitally created by Austin Video Solutions.


To Get Started

1) Click Schedule an appointment tab.

2)Select the service you need.

3)Pick the day and time and confirm.

4)You will receive a confirmation email with detailed directions.

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Quick Example of video slide-show we created. 

Video-tape to high quality digital video computer files

Convert your videotapes into high quality digital video files that you can edit on your computer.  This is also great if you are looking to downsize the clutter around your home.  We will process your videotapes and convert them in a mac/pc compatible format and upload them to a thumb drive or external hard-drive.  Great way to archive and back up your home video collection in a future proof format. We can suggest a file format that suits you best or you can instruct which format you would like the files to be converted to.

Austin Video Solutions is locally owned and operated.

All work is done here in our studio!

Quick Example of an explainer video we created for a business.

 To send us a message click the bottom right hand side of the page.

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